ACJ Podcast Episode 4 with World Champion Skydiver, Niklas Hemlin Has Launched!

Arizona Airspeed Team Captain, Niklas Hemlin checks the spot before a jump.
Arizona Airspeed
Current Airspeed lineup Left to Right: Niklas Hemlin, Matt Davidson, Thiago Gomes, Mikhail Markine, David French (not pictured)


Welcome to this special addition of A Champion’s Journey podcast coming to you from Skydive Arizona where I’m currently training with Arizona Airspeed 4-way Formation Skydiving Team. 

Airspeed is a team with a rich legacy dating back to the early 1990’s. Over that time, they’ve been a formidable powerhouse on the National and International stages, winning Championship titles several times over.

Today, we’ll have a conversation with Airspeed’s Team Captain, National and World Champion, Niklas Hemlin. Nik is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. His drive and passionate obsession for his craft are uncommon even amongst his peers. In addition to being a World class athlete, Nik is a phenomenal coach, highly skilled and well versed in the rich and layered nuances of Formation Skydiving. 

Nik’s Journey has had it’s share of obstacles along the way, but his vision and relentless dedication in leading Airspeed on the path to victory have given him the strength to overcome and become one of the best skydivers and most sought after coaches in the sport today.

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