Scott Rhodes, Six Time World Champion

When I think of a champion, the first person who comes to mind is Scott Rhodes. Scott is one of, if not THE most successful Formation Skydiving competitor in the history of the sport and is the most disciplined and driven human being I’ve ever met. His interminable focus and relentless, unremitting pursuit of team and personal excellence resulted in Scott winning four World Records; becoming twenty time U.S. National Champion, four time World Cup Champion, and is an unsurpassed SIX time World Champion!

Under Scott’s leadership as team captain, The United States Army Parachute Team and Team USA became Juggernauts which dominated the realm of Formation Skydiving, NEVER to be defeated in world competition.

In addition to his impressive achievements as a competitor, Scott was granted the esteemed title of 1997’s Skydiver of the Year and was awarded the Leonardo da Vinci Parachuting Diploma in 2006, the third American to win the award since it’s creation in 1970.

During his 26 years in the U.S. Army, Scott was a member of the Army’s official parachute team, “The Golden Knights”. After his initial tenure with the team, Scott volunteered to attended Special Forces Assessment and Selection and the Special Forces Qualification Course where he earned the coveted Green Beret. He served four and a half years with 7th Special Forces Group and was involved in counter narcotics operations in South America.

Not one to rest on his laurels, as Scott’s military service was coming to a close he decided to shift his energies on conquering the world of academia, where he earned not one but two Masters Degrees.

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