Episode 11 featuring Tom Baker is available for your listening pleasure!

Tom Baker
Tom Baker performs his signature canopy piloting trick, the spectacular, “Ginger Flip.”
Tom BASE jumping with friends
Flock and Flow canopy skills course organized by Tom and his group Momentum
Tom and ACJ Podcast host, Matt Davidson hiking outside of Tucson, AZ

Tom Baker is an energetic and forward thinking skydiver, BASE jumper, professional aerial consultant and Hollywood stuntman. Tom has an infectious charisma and a positive energy which shines through in his personal interactions, in his passion for project innovation, and in his appetite for pushing the boundaries of body flight and sport parachuting.

Tom is to skydiving what Shaun White is to snowboarding. Not only does he look a lot like Shaun, but he also performs like him. Tom’s achievements include two World Records for the largest vertical skydiving formations, four Gold medals in Dynamic 4-way indoor skydiving, U.S. National Bronze and Silver medals in the Freestyle and Free Fly events, and is the creator of a mind-blowing and spectacular canopy piloting trick known as the, “Ginger Flip.”

In addition to his accolades as a body flight and canopy piloting ninja, Tomis also a passionate coach and an International Body flight Association level 4 Trainer. Most recently, Tom and his group, “Momentum,” organized an event called, “Flock and Flow,” a canopy piloting skills camp held at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, Florida which culminated in an impressive series of precisely choreographed sequences involving high-performance parachutes.

Whether he’s jumping out of planes with cars, furniture, and bombs; BASE jumping off vertical rock faces, or laying plans to jump onto and off of a retired Coast Guard light station in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Tom has crafted a kinetically charged lifestyle of stepping off the cliffs of comfort and into the vast sea of the unknown.

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