Episode 12 featuring Mikhail Markine

Mikhail (far left) with Arizona Airspeed 4-way Formation Skydiving Team

Mikhail Markine is a three time U.S. National 4-way Formation Skydiving Champion, World Cup Champion, and is a current member of both Arizona Airspeed and the U.S. National 8-way Formation Skydiving team. 

Several years ago, Mikhail made the difficult decision to leave a secure career with Google to relentlessly pursue his passion as a full-time Formation Skydiving Competitor, fully committing himself to accomplishing his goals of becoming National and World Champion. 

Though originally from Russia, Mikhail has been a member of the U.S. Team since 2013. Earlier this year, Mikhail earned his U.S. citizenship which he says has reinforced his great pride in representing the United States of America at World level competitions. He is currently training with Team USA to face the Russians in competition on their home turf at the 2021 World Parachuting Championships.

His success has been no accident. Ten years ago, Mikhail carefully crafted a personal vision statement and since then, has accomplished almost everything he set out to achieve. With his strong work ethic and his high level of talent, drive, determination and resilience, there’s no doubt Mikhail will attain everything he’s envisioned and more. 

Mikhail’s Personal Vision Statement written over 10 years ago.
Preparing to enter the vertical wind tunnel for a competition round.
Arizona Airspeed launching an exit over Skydive Arizona
Arizona Airspeed with Mikhail (far right)
All smiles, coming in fast!

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